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Purbeck & Poole Group
Group Chairman:  Gerald Rigler

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The Purbeck Society a civic society for the traditional Isle of Purbeck.

No Giant Turbines at East Stoke photo taken on 19th March 2011
Local Plan Consultations
We have responded to the Poole Local Plan Review and Partial Review of Purbeck Local Plan: Part 1, both consultation ended second week of August 2016. A summary of our comments and observations can be found on page 4 and 5 of our autumn review magazine.

Sustainable decision making and the protection of ‘natural

Challenging times are with us with significant decisions to be made. Hopefully they will be informed and sustainable decisions.

Natural assets
It is hoped that all our political representatives will seek adequate information before making their decisions affecting the future of us and our environs / countryside. To help them in this matter our local Group has ensured all 67 Borough or District Councillors, every one of our Parish or Town Councils and all 4 of our Members of Parliament have been provided with relevant information about the value of our natural assets in Dorset and the potential threat to such assets that would be created if any unproven alleged ‘need’ for suitable housing was accepted.

The provision of necessary housing remains a considerable campaigning issue since previously rejected schemes in unsuitable areas are being recast or have been recast for resubmission. No doubt the fees for considering such schemes are appreciated but it is trusted that our Councillors will not succumb to the pressures of repeat applications that appear to be driven by insatiable ‘greeds’ rather than by proven ‘needs’ of the local community.

‘Brownfield’ housing sites
Unlocking ‘brownfield’ housing sites remains an important local political issue but the recent re-emergence of ‘greener accountancy’ is encouraging to those of us that consider the protection of our natural assets is so much more important than continuing to protect the financial (book value) interests of organisations currently hoarding relevant undeveloped sites. Undeveloped and previously used building sites held for decades should and must be revalued before greener sites are lost from our ‘bank’ of natural assets. It is almost as though some have never heard of writing-down a book value and, in particular, the fact that it is better than writing-off any such value.

With regard to protecting the ‘green belt zone’ around Poole it is also encouraging to see the Borough approving planning applications that will entail increasing the population density whilst seeking to ensure adequate public open spaces.

Green Week at Poole Grammar School
We will have a stand at the school during lunch time on 5th May to answer any questions the students may have on CPRE and make available a handout with a ‘Green’ theme

As before, I would really appreciate your views (as a Member or as a prospective Member) concerning the matters raised by this article and/or any other views.

Gerald Rigler : Group Chairman