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Dorset Campaign Against Litter.
Stop the Drop

Stop the Drop aims to solve litter and fly-tipping problems blighting our countryside, cities, towns and villages.

The following is an update on the national Stop the Drop campaign extracted from CPRE’s quarterly Fieldwork magazine.
“Since Bill Bryson launched CPRE’s Stop the Drop campaign in April 2008, we have been raising awareness about litter and fly-tipping and encouraging action by the Government, by local authorities and by individuals. Our Stop the Drop parish council toolkit was sent out by our Head Office in November 2008 to all parish councils who are members of CPRE. It is also available on the CPRE National Office website: go to www.cpre.org.uk/campaigns and click on ‘Stop the Drop’. It gives you facts and figures, ideas and tips, and all the resources you need to bring Stop the Drop to your parish.“
We hope your parish council will be able to support our campaign in some way, by:

Organising community litter picks

Ensuring you have litter bins in all the right places

Possibly even issuing fines to people caught littering

If you don’t already, alert you local authority to fly-tipping hot spots and ensure it fulfils its duty to clean up litter. Please help spread the word and change people’s attitudes to litter by working with schools and community groups, and using your parish magazine and notice boards to raise awareness.

Dorset under threat.

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More fines should be imposed and rewards offered to tackle litter louts, a report has suggested.

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