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Councils in Dorset are working together to identify sites to meet the current and further needs of Gypsies, Traveller and Travelling Showpeople in the area.

Dorset CPRE responded to a consultation on additional sites that took place September - October 2014. The results of this and the original site assessment consultation will be considered together to draw up a list of preferred sites. These will be published for a further round of consultation in a "Pre-Submission" Plan. Additional information on the Development Plan Document can be found on the Dorset For You website.

Dorset CPRE’s views on the local consultation held in February 2012

Dorset CPRE questioned the level of provision for the county suggested in the consultation document. The allocation is almost double that of some neighbouring counties.

Dorset CPRE believes that any development (gipsy or otherwise) should protect Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, Sites of Special Scientific Interest, Green Belt land and, generally, not be outside of defined community ‘envelopes’ unless a case for exception can be made.

Brownfield sites should take precedent for development.

A case must be made for any new building that adequately demonstrates the local infrastructure is able to support an increase in population.

Any new development must be of good design and build quality. We do not want to see ‘second rate’ provision which will become an eyesore.

We would urge the county council’s gypsy liaison officer to investigate the use of commercial caravan sites to accommodate short-term travellers, rather than create new sites. Demand from the travelling community is often outside of the traditional holiday season, typically in the autumn and early spring.

We believe that the current Dorset consultation should be delayed in view of the Government’s ongoing discussions on the draft National Planning Policy Framework.