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Farming summary

Farmers are crucial to the future of the Dorset countryside because so much of it is farmed and will continue to be farmed.

They are our most important countryside managers. Farmers need support to be able to give us the countryside we treasure. We can play our part by buying local foods at local outlets. Please refer to CPRE’s Vision for the Future of Farming

The 30:30 Local Food Challenge

Can our Dorset members complete the 30:30 challenge and pledge to source 30% of your food from within 30 miles of where you live? This article challenges you and gives some hints. Take the pledge.

As a county, Dorset has always had a strong commitment to local foods. Who has not heard of Blue Vinney cheese, Dorset Knobs and Dorset Apple Cake? We have fine local producers, which sell an array of local produce from meat, apple juice, beer to cheese, and you can buy nearly anything you want here locally. Our national 30:30 challenge is a great opportunity for you to support our local producers, eat seasonal produce and have a bit of fun. Why not try this challenge with your children or grandchildren?

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