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The issues

Campaign to save Crown Meadows in Blandford Campaign to save Crown Meadows in Blandford

There are many planning challenges currently facing Dorset including housing, solar parks, waste and transport infrastructure.

We consider each one on its merits and ask: it is appropriate? Is it needed? What impact will it have on our countryside and our communities?

There is increasing evidence that planning reforms are not working. The Green Belt, protected areas and other parts of the countryside are all threatened with serious damage. CPRE recognises the need for new housing and infrastructure, but this should be located in the right places, well-designed to fit with the landscape, and planned with long-term vision.

Changes in national policy have resulted in greenfield sites being used when suitable brownfield sites are available. From 1989 until 2011, on average, an area larger than the city of Southampton has been lost every year to development. Local authorities and planning inspectors are now increasingly allowing large-scale greenfield development when enough suitable brownfield land is available for more than 1 million new homes.

We want to make sure that planning across the county regenerate towns and villages, provide the affordable housing we need, and protect the countryside.

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