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Planning Conference on ‘Dorset’s Affordable Housing Crisis?’ 20th June 2024

Family walking in a village through affordable housing by Abigail Oliver
Abigail Oliver

‘Dorset’s Affordable Housing Crisis?’ took place

Online via Zoom Webinar, on Thursday 20th June

The provision of affordable housing is a major campaign issue for all political parties. Soaring house prices, the cost-of-living crisis and wages that have failed to rise in line with inflation have contributed to exacerbate an already dire situation. In 2021 figures released by the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities showed that 10,525 households were waiting for a council house in Dorset – the true figure is likely to be much higher. The average price paid for a first home in Dorset has risen to a staggering £282,000 (source Office for National Statistics, March 2024).

Dorset CPRE feels strongly that the delivery of the housing that addresses the county’s real needs requires careful consideration. To help understand the issues more fully that face the nation generally, Dorset specifically and consider potential solutions, Dorset CPRE organised a free online conference on Thursday 20th June with presentations by national and local experts in Affordable Housing.


The Conference was chaired by the Crossbench Peer and Social Housing Leader, Lord Richard Best, with an introduction by Dorset CPRE President and former BBC Chief News Correspondent, Kate Adie.

Speakers included:

  • Dr Quintin Bradley, Senior Lecturer in Planning and Housing at Leeds Beckett University
  • Alison Ward, Director at Middlemarch Community Led Housing
  • Paul Derrien, Housing Enabling Team Leader at Dorset Council
  • Elizabeth Bundred-Woodward, Planning Policy Lead at National CPRE
  • Brad Taylor, Rural Policy and Campaigns Officer at National CPRE
  • Mike Allen, Dorset CPRE Planning Group

Please check back again to find a link to the recordings and copies of the presentation slides.