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CPRE Manifesto and letter to Dorset candidates

CPRE Manifesto CPRE Manifesto

19th November 2019

Standing up for Dorset’s Communities and Countryside


With the General Election fast approaching, now is the time to ask our Parliamentary candidates what they will do to support a thriving countryside and communities. Dorset CPRE wants to see a beautiful countryside that is accessible to all, where the voices of residents are heard in local decision-making, and the needs of communities are met. We believe the proposed National Park in Dorset would help achieve these objectives.

The beauty of the Dorset countryside is highly valued, a local treasure and a shared resource for all, irrespective of ownership, ability or background. The countryside has been shown to provide a wide range of social, environmental and health benefits.
CPRE’s manifesto has a range of recommendations that should be adopted by all who want to see our countryside thriving. These include tackling the climate emergency through more energy efficient homes, creating a people-led planning system and ensuring rural communities can flourish by investing in public transport and social housing.
We have written to all Dorset election candidates, with postal addresses, asking them to support policies in the following areas:
  1. Tackling the climate emergency - the next government must commit to ambitious measures through implementing changes to farming practices, the balance of our energy supply and by promoting energy efficiency in homes.
  2. Best use of land - Respecting the quality and character of all of Dorset's countryside and communities by promoting appropriate development where this is needed, including making use of brownfield land, safeguarding greenbelts, protecting ancient woodland, and prioritising sustainable transport.
  3. Thriving rural communities - Championing and upholding the voice of local people through the planning system; proactively responding to local housing needs including for genuinely affordable homes for social rent; supporting local economies and supply chains, including farmers and Dorset food and drink producers; eradicate littering, encouraging everyone to enjoy the countryside for its health and wellbeing benefits.
  4. A National Park for Dorset - Securing Dorset's long-overdue National Park as a close partner and delivery arm for the Dorset Council and our communities, bringing additional resources to invest in our outstanding environment and cultural heritage and helping communities, businesses, farmers and land managers to thrive.
Please see below link to CPRE’s General Election manifesto. 





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