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Please Help Dorset’s Artisan Food and Drink Producers

Maturing Dorset Blue Vinny Cheeses Maturing Dorset Blue Vinny Cheeses

1st May 2020

Please Help Dorset’s Artisan Food and Drink Producers

As we move into our second month of lockdown please spare a thought for our artisan food and drink producers. You may think that with the supermarkets in overdrive supplying us with food that most food and drink producers are doing well. If they are supplying the supermarkets that may be true, but many small-scale specialist producers in Dorset do not, and they are being hit hard by the closure of pubs and restaurants. 

Makers of wonderful artisanal cheese, thirst-quenching craft beer, mouth-watering local meat straight from the farm, and fresh seafood to name but a few. You can visit your local village or farm shop who usually stock a good range of delicious local food, or you can find a good list of most artisanal food producers, who can deliver,  on the Dorset AONB website:  We would also encourage you to take advantage of the take-away services now being run by many of the local pubs, whose doors are otherwise closed. 

Please keep Dorset thriving through these difficult times!



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