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Save Pimperne from massive housing development

View over site of Wyatt Homes proposed development View over site of Wyatt Homes proposed development

30th November 2020

This is a view of verdant, unspoilt, rolling downland in the parish of Pimperne which will be desecrated and built over if Wyatt Homes are allowed to build 600 homes north of the Blandford bypass. 

North Dorset CPRE, Pimperne Parish Council, Pimperne Action Group, Cranborne Chase AONB and the Blandford Allotment Society are fighting to stop this. Last week speakers from Dorset CPRE, Pimperne PC and the Blandford Allotment Society helped to persuade Blandford Town Council to vote against the deeply flawed development, contrary to prior expectations. The unmade Blandford+ Neighbourhood Plan, which supported such a development, and was facing a legal challenge, is now in tatters.

Our objections include:

  • Lack of genuine housing need, with 11.5 years housing land supply in Blandford.
  • The inclusion of 200 homes within Pimperne parish is not justified as it is contrary to the made Pimperne Neighbourhood Plan.
  • Adverse visual impact on the Cranbourne Chase AONB, as site lies partially within it.
  • Lack of sustainability as site is beyond the bypass, and centre of town not within walking   distance.
  • Developer’s failure to address climate change, contrary to Dorset Council’s declared climate emergency, or consider properly the lighting requirements of the AONB’s status as International Dark Skies Reserve.
  • Concern regarding access and road safety, as well as massive congestion on the bypass, the A350, as three new pedestrian crossings have been proposed since developer is too mean to consider bridges.
  • Noise from the bypass will affect properties close to it, exceeding WHO guidelines.
  • Removal of 140 allotments to less fertile arable land, which will take years of soil creation.

The greatest irony is that the new school which Blandford does need, will not be built until phase 2) while 167 new houses, housing lots of children, will be in phase 1) putting additional pressure on existing overcrowded schools! This was supposedly a reason for many Town Councillors supporting the development as the school would be financed by Section 106 payments from the new housing. It is of course bizarre logic that new houses are needed to achieve this. Medical services are already under major strain.

To that end we would be grateful if as many North Dorset CPRE members as possible, even if you do not live in Blandford and Pimperne, oppose the development as it will cause major traffic congestion, and possibly gridlock, on the bypass.

Online at Application number P/OUT/2020/00026

By email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Or by post: Planning Team D, Dorset Council, South Walks House, DORCHESTER, DT1 1UZ

We have until 6th January 2021 to get comments in by, but PLEASE DO NOT DELAY.

Rupert Hardy, Chairman, North Dorset CPRE

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