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Sherborne CPRE Easter 2021 newsletter

8th April 2021

Sherborne CPRE Easter Newsletter

As you will see from our newsletter (see link to PDF copy below), there is much to concern us in the Sherborne area as we recover (hopefully) from the Pandemic. As previously advised, we face a massive building programme to the west of the Town, the Town Centre is becoming bleak, with closed shops boarded up and empty premises multiplying weekly, and our lovely farmlands that surround and grace our town are increasingly threatened by negative forces from various sources. You will be pleased to hear that our group are active across all three areas of concern. We have recently welcomed to our committee new colleagues who will add energy and expertise to our campaigns.

If members have particular concerns we ask that they do not hesitate to bring them to my attention. 

Best wishes.
Sir Christopher Coville

Acting Chairman

Sherborne and District Society CPRE

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