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Earth Day

22nd April 2022

Happy #EarthDay2022! Our West Dorset CPRE group are attending the Dorchester Earth Day event this Saturday 23rd April from 12 noon at The Great Field, Poundbury.

Happy #EarthDay2022! Our #countryside plays a key part in how we can steward the planet, both in protecting it but also in promoting the many benefits a thriving countryside brings - from carbon capture and #biodiversity to dark skies and regenerative agriculture.

We’d like to see more hedgerows planted and restored, and are campaigning in support of the Climate Change Committee’s call for a 40% increase in the extent of hedgerows by 2050 to help tackle the climate emergency.

Our hedgerows campaign is calling for #40by50. But what does this mean?
The government loves talking about tree planting and peatland restoration, but it seems to have forgotten our hedgerows. We’re campaigning for them to commit to a target for planting and restoring thousands of miles of hedgerows across the country.

'We need a 40% increase by 2050 at the latest.'
40: We want to see the hedgerow network increase by 40%. This number was recommended by the independent Climate Change Committee and is equivalent to about 120,000 miles in Britain – half way to the moon!

50: This is the time frame. We need a 40% increase by 2050 at the latest. This requires adding over 4,000 miles of new and restored hedgerows per year, starting now. 

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Don’t forget the humble hedgerow. 

The power of nature-based solutions in tackling this crisis was also largely absent from discussions. At CPRE, we’ve long been an advocate of the possibilities they have to offer, not least in one solution that lies just outside our front doors – the humble hedgerow. Read more

A little rough guide around the hedges

Hedge fund: investing in hedgerows for climate, nature and the economy

Hedgerows through the seasons




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