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Objection to Dudsbury Homes Ltd application for up to 1700 dwellings in Alderholt

25th May 2023

Objection to Dudsbury Homes Ltd's Planning Application to Dorset Council for the Alderholt Meadows development of up to 1700 dwellings.

Dorset CPRE objects to the Dudsbury Homes Alderholt Meadows planning application P/OUT/2023/01166:

  • Alderholt is not, and would not become, a sustainable location for a development of this scale, and therefore cannot benefit from presumption in favour. A recent appeal decision 3309202 makes this clear.
  • A proposal on this scale would better be considered by the Dorset local planning process, which is on-going despite policy uncertainty at national level. It would be a mistake to determine the whole future of Alderholt when significant and relevant changes in national policy are being put forward, and local Plans for Dorset Council and BCP Council areas are under consideration
  • The slow phasing of the project brings into question at what stage the important infrastructure (meant to improve Alderholt’s sustainability) would be provided, if at all.
  • The long-term economic benefits of the development are exaggerated.

Please see link below to the full response we submitted on 25th May.

Comments need to be submitted by 10th June 2023.

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