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Local Transport Plan 4 survey

Family sat in a rural bus stop waiting for a local bus Family sat in a rural bus stop waiting for a local bus Abigail Oliver

2nd March 2024

Dorset CPRE responds to survey to help shape travel and transport across Dorset

Dorset Council and BCP Council are working together on a new joint Local Transport Plan (LTP4). This is an opportunity for the councils to update plans to ensure that Dorset’s transport system meets the expectations of everyone, and to identify the most important issues to prioritise future investment. The survey opened on 22nd January and we sent in a response before the 3rd March deadline - see link below to Dorset CPRE's full response.

The five key areas we would suggest for prioritisation in LTP4 are:

  • The importance of maintaining access to public transport for all communities, reversing the declining provision of bus services particularly in rural areas
  • That long term impact on transport should be integrated into all other aspects of Council responsibilities e.g. planning and education
  • The opportunity to support the provision of new, innovative approaches to car transport, including taxis and better use of private cars
  • The promotion of active travel, including the maintenance of highways, cycle paths, pavements and footpaths
  • Initiatives that reduce carbon emissions and promotion of low-carbon modes of transport

We look forward to receiving a copy of the Draft Plan to comment on in advance of this being considered by the Councils.

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