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12th December 2017

CPRE finds current process isn’t spotting enough small brownfield sites

20th September 2017

Litter Free Dorset (LFD) launched the ‘bin your butt’ on 11th September starting in Dorchester Town.

Signs went up at either end of South Street showing how many cigarette butts have been swept up each week. The campaign is asking people to use appropriate street bins, wall-mounted cigarette bins or a portable “stubby bin” to help achieve a cleaner county. Businesses are doing their bit to help by displaying posters, having bins for smokers available and handing out the personal stubby packs provided by CPRE. The #BinYourButt campaign is also visiting Ferndown & Swanage. Please check social media for further information for further information and campaign updates.


9 August 2017

Farming Foresight report. On 9 August, CPRE released its new Farming Foresight report, Uncertain harvest: does the loss of small farms matter?

28th June 2017

Sparkling wine, sizzling beef sirloin and scrumptious cheese were all in evidence at the summer Open Day held for members of the Dorset branch of the Campaign to Protect Rural England at Langham Wine Estate earlier this month.

10th February 2017

On Tuesday 7th February, the Government published its long-awaited Housing White Paper. At times we have feared that this would herald a new assault on the countryside and yet another round of developer-driven planning changes.

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