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Damers First School in Dorchester urge Michael Gove to back an ‘all-in’ deposit return system on 27th February 2019. Edd Moore their teacher and Sophie Colley, Litter Free Dorset, also attended. Damers First School in Dorchester urge Michael Gove to back an ‘all-in’ deposit return system on 27th February 2019. Edd Moore their teacher and Sophie Colley, Litter Free Dorset, also attended.

CPRE’s main concern with litter is its impact on the beauty and quality of the countryside.

Littered items are often brightly-coloured, non-degradable and toxic. They spoil the view, pollute the land and endanger wildlife. And they are often made from valuable materials that could be recycled such as glass, aluminium and plastic – all of which are wasted when left as litter.

Dorset CPRE and Litter

Dorset CPRE has been involved in litter campaigning since Paul Goldman, from East Orchard in North Dorset, and Richard Mann, then Dorset CPRE Director, convened the first meeting of the Rural Litter Initiative in September 2003. The title of the Group was soon changed to Dorset Campaign Against Litter (DCAL). The Campaign has now merged with the Litter Free Dorset (LFD) launced in March 2017.

The project aim:
Working together in an independent partnership, effecting positive behaviour change to reduce littering across Dorset’s towns, villages, countryside and open spaces.

The Project goal:
To be an umbrella for a broad range of stakeholders involved in litter prevention, providing an independent network and mechanism for partnership working on littering issues where new and existing resources can be co-ordinated for greater impact.This is a three-year project. Funding has now been secured for the first year to demonstrate the viability of the project, and the plan is to secure funding from other sources in successive years. Sophie Colley is the new Project Officer for LFD and she will work half-time on LFD and continue to work half-time on the Litter Free Coast and Sea Project.

Current Projects

The LFD Project will try to find ways to reduce littering at source by visitors and by residents of Dorset and also to encourage and help the many litter-picking groups which have been established all over the County. A successful Cigarett Butt Campaign #BinYourButt was launched in September 2017 starting in Dorchester and they also visited Ferndown and Swanage. The #LOVEYOURVERGE campaign launched in March 2018 is about telling you why roadside verges are important and how litter thrown from cars can be a real problem.  LFD hope by doing this there will be a reduction in roadside litter on our Dorset roads.  Please check social media for further information and campaign updates.

Deposit Return System

CPRE has been campaigning for a deposit return system, where a small deposit would be applied on any drinks container, which is then refunded when it is returned for recycling, for more than 10 years.

In March 2018, the government promised to ‘introduce a deposit return scheme in England for single use drinks containers, subject to consultation.’ However, CPRE believe that there are many within the drinks, retail and packaging industries attempting to dilute the system and limit the type and size of containers that will be included. CPRE are clear that most effective deposit system will collect cans, bottles and cartons of all sizes and materials. CPRE’s ‘Green Clean’ litter picks from last year, which collected over 10,000 bottles and cans, demonstrated that every type and size container is littered.

Dorset CPRE will be responding to the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs' (Defra) new consultation on the Deposit Return Scheme, two design options for what the system will include and how it will operate. The consultation is open from 18th February until 13th May 2019.


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